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Anonymous & Encrypted Random Chat With Strangers.
Our app is secured from Bot Spam and We always connect you to a real human on the other side.

random chat with strangers

Steps to Random Chat with Strangers.

  • Click on the “CHAT WITH STRANGER” button on your device screen.
  • You are taken to the random chat rooms where the app connects you to a stranger.
  • To end the chat click on the end chat button. You will be alerted by a modal for your affirmation.
  • To find a new partner click on the new button and chat to random strangers again.


We do not require any signup to use our Random Chat strangers Service. You do not need to submit your name or any other personal details to use our service. On our site, you can stay 100% anonymous on our service. We do not log or store your Chats on our site. Your chats are not stored on our servers.


Our service is protected with SSL Encryption and we also encrypt your chat messages. So, Only you and your random chat partner can read those messages. Because of our End-to-end encryption hackers can not snoop into your messages.


Our service is worldwide so anyone from anywhere from the world can use it.This allows you to chat with random people worldwide. Our service is a great way to discover and communicate with similar minded people around the world. You can be having a very interesting conversation with someone sitting on the other side of the world.

Chatting With Strangers is So Much Fun That You Shouldn’t Miss It!

Today where technology is blended into our lives everywhere, geographical boundaries are no more a limitation to meet new, exciting, and fun people around. No matter where do you stay, you have a global reach through Chatb0x to meet and chat with random people anytime, anywhere on the go.

Sometimes it is ok not to be yourself and chat secretly with random people to have some fun and secretive chats. Many people are introverts, they can't open up easily with people they know. Chatb0x is an amazing platform for such introverts where they can share whatever they feel like. No matter if you are a teenage young lad or a sassy girl, or a man or woman, you will always get matched with your interest without revealing who you are.

Chatb0x has a global reach, plus you can also choose a specific location. Unlike hundreds of other such random chat websites, Chatb0x enhances your chatting experience with pleasant, fun, easy, and fastest ways to get connected with random people across the world. If you are also looking for a platform where you can freely visit and start chatting to change your mood and share your secrets, you can rely on Chatb0x for all your chatting moods.

Our Cool Features

Completely Anonymous

Chatb0x is a 100% anonymous chatting world where no one knows about you unless you want. Your identity will be kept hidden and you can chat freely without the fear of being your secrets revealed to others.

It’s Secure

The online world demands more security and we understand this. Therefore, this platform is designed to keep in mind the safety, security, and privacy of the users. All the services provided by us are completely encrypted through SSL Encryption technology. This protects your messages to be read by an unauthorized person.

So, only the one who is intended to read the messages, can read it and no one else. This encryption system keeps you protected and stay safe from the hackers who peep into such websites.

No Need to Login

Creating an account, filling the form, remembering the passwords, is such a headache that you avoid the idea of chatting. Chatb0x has changed the story and does not require you to create or login to any account. You just have to visit the website and get started by exploring the world around you.

You neither have to submit any personal details or fill the registration form. This also ensures your secrecy and privacy. Moreover, we do not keep any kind of records or logs of your chatting history. We do not keep any chatting history on our servers. Even if in case, our users wanted to retrieve their records, we can’t provide them.

Worldwide Reach

We have made the world our chatting room and enable our users to get connected with whenever and wherever they want. People of all age groups can enjoy our services and talk at a global level. You can connect with people staying at any corner of the world. So, the sky is the limit for finding like-minded people to make friends, talk your secrets, and share theirs.

Not Just Talk!

Exchanging simple and plain texts makes even interesting stories boring. We let you add the pinch of excitement and fun by sharing pictures and emojis. Media sharing is the feature that is rarely found on random chat websites but that’s not the case with us. We understand that chatting shouldn’t be boring and dull and so we take care of your interest.

It’s Free!

Free services are simply awesome, Isn’t it! Here on Chatb0x, you can chat absolutely for free. We don’t charge even a single penny, it’s completely free. We just want our users to have a delightful, easy, and simple chatting experience with anyone they wish in no time.

No More Chatting With Bots

A lot of random chatting websites out there deceive their users providing bots to chat on the other end. That causes annoyance among the users and it’s natural. Chatb0x value the emotions and feelings of chatting lovers and so our website is totally free from all types of bots and makes sure that you will always be matched with a human only on the other side.

We’re The Fastest

There are plenty of similar websites that offer random chatting experience but none of them are perfect. One of the major reasons that people are not satisfied with such websites is connectivity issues. To get rid of, we design Chatb0x completely error-free and as fastest as possible.

Why You Should Choose Us?

We assure you to offer the out of the world experience of chatting across the countries. There is no need to login to our platform, just get up, and start chatting. Let us give you some good reasons for choosing us as your chatting assistance.

  1. You can talk about anything without hesitation.
  2. Your privacy is maintained.
  3. No registration, no login. Just Chatting.
  4. You can chat with people from any country.
  5. The website supports all devices, laptop, PC, or Mobile phones.
  6. Allows the sharing of pictures and images.
  7. Fastest servers to match you randomly in just seconds.
  8. Get assistance or any kind of support - [email protected]
  9. Records no chatting history.

How to Start Chatting on Chatb0x?

As we told you, it’s fastest and simple to get started chatting with strangers, here are the step by step guide for you.

  1. Upon visiting the home page of Chatb0x, you’ll see a button “Chat With Stranger”.
  2. Click on the button “Chat With Stranger”.
  3. Within seconds, you will be redirected to the random chat rooms.
  4. You can click the “End Chat” button, at any time you wish to.
  5. Confirm and get out of the chatting room.
  6. Repeat the steps for finding a new chatting partner.